we.type is a digital hub for typographic teaching and research at the Department of Design, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

We write about the perception and influence of typography in the context of technological, political, social and civic processes. We share typesetting how-to’s, resources and our ongoing practical research. We code digital typography and build up a library of html/css snippets.


Prof. Christina Poth, Felix Walser


Tilla Borner, Justus Szabó


The first prototype of this website was designed in the typography class by Tilla Borner, Josephine Kähler, Mónica Lara, Marina Ortega Velaz, Julia Schnabl, Merrit Schomakers and Kira Vogtmann, supervised by Prof. Christina Poth and Felix Walser. Since then, the first draft has been constantly expanded to a functional website and is a field of ongoing typographic investigation.


Typographic training includes practical design work as well as observation and analysis, which can also lead to a written form. Contributing students: Johanna Bölke, Tilla Borner, Josephine Kähler, Mónica Lara, Clarissa Lütz, Yevheniia Shyrchenko, Marina Ortega Velaz, Julia Schnabl, Merrit Schomakers and Kira Vogtmann.

Code library

In the we.code seminars led by Felix Walser, students explore new possibilities of typography in technological environments - between analog and digital boundaries. Contributing students: Anton Schmolze, Antonia Hinterdobler, Dilara Fiedler, Dimitri Balzer, Elias Hübner, Giuliana Mei, Josephine Kähler, Julia Schnabl, Kira Vogtmann, Leonard Anders, Leonidas Bothmer, Linus Langkabel, Louisa Fortwengel, Maik Reinke, Maik Reinke, Marco van Luijn, Maria Cuervo, Marie-Sophie Seifert, Marina Ortega Velaz, Maximilian Pesch, Merrit Schomakers, Mónica Lara, Nina Kahmke, Philipp Daub, Simon Lindner, Tessa Sophie Dürbusch, Tilla Borner, Valerie Anna Martina Kemter, Wencke Osinski, Yevheniia Shyrchenko

Technical Implementation

Felix Walser


Prof. Christina Poth
Fachhochschule Potsdam
Potsdam University of Applied Sciences
Kiepenheuerallee 5
14469 Potsdam, Germany


Hex Franklin, designed by Nick Sherman, distributed by Future Fonts
Konsole, designed by Elena Schneider, distributed by Future Fonts
Gaisyr, Dinamo (Fabian Harb) with Michelangelo Nigra, distributed by Dinamo


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