Exploring digital techniques
in analog typesetting environments

At the interface between traditional and digital typesetting technology, we are testing new possibilities of individual printing plate production. Digital files of simple modular shapes were laser cut and mounted on wooden blocks. Circle, triangle and square – based on these simple geometric modular shapes, new letterforms and alphabets are developed. The design of the resulting posters, in turn, did not take place on the computer, but on paper and at the printing presses. Design decisions thus become tangible.

Typography workshop at FH-Potsdam, 22–30 May 2022
Prof. Christina Poth, Felix Walser, Tutorial: Justus Szabó

Students: Maurice-Cesare Braatz, Giulia Cuomo, Jonathan Dahle, Silvana Donatiello, Julia Hann von Weyhern, Maia Loschelder, Felix Magnus Newrzella, Luka Saje, Julia Schnabl, Hyangbok Shim, Zhaoxi Wu

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